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Mrs. Vidhya K. Naik
Experience – 6 years in the field of education.

A School is a place where a child gets educated not only in terms of syllabus but learns to build up his own individuality on a social platforms. School came into existence with different challenges and one of the challenge that our school has accepted is to up bring the students from different community at a higher platform with combined efforts of qualified and caring staff  and a proactive management committee that always looks forwarded towards the modern technology of learning and its implementation. With the need of the time ,we provide students with experiential learning approach in this technology led world

It’s not just teaching but we try to engage the students to make the learning go more productive with various academic activities and project based learning. Not only in terms of academic, but we try to nurture child in all the aspects through co-curricular activities, Sports, Social work, to develop aesthetic values, moral and social values in a student and can be a valued citizen in their life that will make school proud of.

We build up students to be successful citizens of our nation who will be sound enough to face the world with all the grace and challenges.

 We are school with different vision and great mission.

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